06-Dec-2017 - Holding(s) in Company 
05-Dec-2017 - Monthly Diamond Sales, Production Update and Review of 2017
01-Dec-2017 - Appointment of Finance Director
17-Nov-2017 - Holding(s) in Company
15-Nov-2017 - Holding(s) in Company
10-Nov-2017 - Director Dealing
01-Nov-2017 - Diamond Sales and Production Update
31-Oct-2017 - Total Voting Rights
25-Oct-2017 - Early Repayment of Loans
10-Oct-2017 - Operational Update and Appointment of Consultant Geologist
27-Sep-2017 - Changes to Non-Executive Board and Remuneration
18-Sep-2017 - Production and Sales Update
12-Sep-2017 - Holding(s) in Company
31-Aug-2017 - Total Voting Rights
30-Aug-2017 - Holding(s) in Company
24-Aug-2017 - Diamond Sales and Production Update
18-Aug-2017 - Holding(s) in Company
14-Aug-2017 - Holding(s) in Company
10-Aug-2017 - Issue of New Share Options
10-Aug-2017 - Placing and Subscription raises £860,000
04-Aug-2017 - Result of AGM
26-Jul-2017 - Production and Sales Update
20-Jul-2017 - Financing Update
05-Jul-2017 - Production Update
30-Jun-2017 - Final Results to 31st December 2016
30-Jun-2017 - Total Voting Rights
01-Jun-2017 - Placing and Subscription
02-May-2017 - New Kimberlite prospect and April tender update
13-Apr-2017 - Replacement - Operational update
15-Mar-2017 - Operational update and Loan Facility
01-Mar-2017 - Trading Update
23-Feb-2017 - Claims by a former director to the Company
14-Feb-2017 - Trading Update
06-Feb-2017 - Trading Update
31-Jan-2017 - Total Voting Rights
19-Jan-2017 - Issue of New Share Options
18-Jan-2017 - Trading Update