Shareholder Information

There are 12,897,670 Ordinary Shares of 5p in issue. No shares are held as treasury shares. The percentage of shares not in public hands is 30.68%. The Ordinary Shares of BlueRock Diamonds plc are admitted to trading on AIM. 

The Ordinary Shares are not admitted to any other exchange or trading platform. In addition to the trading venue of the London Stock Exchange, the AIM quoted Ordinary Shares can be traded through the NEX Secondary Market, a trading venue for securities admitted to trading on EU markets. 

There are no restrictions on the transfer of Ordinary Shares of BlueRock Diamonds plc.

Significant Shareholders

Shareholder No. of shares % No. of shares which could be  acquired 
under other financial instruments
Teichmann Ltd 2,628,771 28,93% - -
Spreadex Ltd 985,224 10,84% 66,700 0,73%
Edale Capital LLP 815,000 8,97% - -
InterTrader Ltd - - 357,142 3,93%

M Houston is not considered to be part of the Teichmann Group but is considered part of the concert party.

Directors' Interests

Shareholder No. of shares %
David Facey 62,285 0,69%
Mike Houston 44,285 0,49%
Tim Leslie 21,274 0,23%
Gus Simbanegavi 24,285 0,27%